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Sup With Helen

I first encountered paddleboarders in Poole Harbour whilst holidaying in the New Forest. I was fascinated and wanted to have a go so organised a lesson when I got home. I instantly became obsessed.  I SUPed at every available opportunity, finally buying my own kit 6 months later. I joined several Facebook groups to paddle with other enthusiasts. 

Anyone can SUP, it looks much easier than it actually is. It doesn't matter what age, shape or fitness level you are. SUPing can be meditative, social or exhilarating - or all three! Its a great way to practice mindfulness - being present in the moment, concentrating on the here and now, it takes your mind off the stresses of everyday life and calms the spirit. As soon as I started SUPing, I found my stress levels dropped dramatically. I had more energy and my fitness improved without even trying! I find SUPing so relaxing as I just think about my balance, strokes and rhythm. When I paddle along, I'm listening to the birds and water lapping against the board. It's just so good for the soul - it pushes everything else out of your mind.

Like all sports, SUPing can provide different experiences. Sometimes I do a leisurely SUP with friends, catching up on our news - a healthier alternative to coffee and cake. Sometimes I SUP alone, sometimes I join organised paddles and at other times I compete. Hope to see you out on the water soon!


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