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I'm Helen. I discovered SUP about 8 years ago and have been addicted every since! I offer Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons at Teston Country Park in Kent with my team. Or book a tour on the River Medway.  If you would like to improve your balance and technique we have weekly SUPfun™ and Skills and Drills sessions. Or why not join us on a SUP retreat to France, Spain or Croatia?

About Us


I have been a teacher for many years, I love all things SUP and travelling. I decided to form a company involving stand up paddleboarding, travelling and teaching. So I trained to become a paddleboard instructor with ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) I have also devised a program called SUPfun™ and Skills and Drills for those wanting to improve their technique and balance and to get out on the water regularly, and have trips planned to France, Spain and Croatia. I have found breathtakingly beautiful places to SUP that are off the beaten track. I would love to share them with you! Join my journey and get involved in the fun...

What is SUP?

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard. It is a fast growing sport in the UK, more and more people are discovering the enjoyment and benefits of SUP.  It's a really great way to relax and have fun but also keeping fit at the same time. Its a sport you can do with friends or on your own, and you can make it as hard or gentle an exercise as you like. It's a great way to meet like minded people and discover new places.

What equipment do I need?

There are two basic types of board, solid or inflatable. If you'd like to buy a board, base your decision on what you intend to do, what storage you have and, of course, your budget. Inflatable SUPs are great if you have limited storage space as they tend to come in a large rucksack type bag, making them easy to transport as well, even on a plane. When you buy an iSUP, most companies offer deals which include a basic paddle, iSUP, pump and leash. A leash is important as it keeps you and the board connected at all times so if you do fall off, you don't loose your board (which could easily happen in windy conditions). We use inflatable boards for our social paddles, tours and lessons.



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